Kirstie Norwood - Personal Trainer in Rutland

A certified, female only personal trainer in Rutland

Supporting women to be fitter, healthier and stronger

Hello, I’m Kirstie,

A certified Personal Trainer and nutrition coach in Rutland.

I am a mum of two little ones- Flora 4yrs and Seb nearly 2yrs. I work exclusively with women, and I’m passionate about improving the health and well-being of the women that I work with.

I am mobile and will come to your home or place of choice to train and will bring all the equipment needed for a fun, varied and challenging work out.

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What does having a Personal Trainer involve

Here’s how it works

We’ll work out your goals, together.

We will meet for an initial face-to-face consultation where we will have a good chat- dig deep with regards to where you are now, set goals and work out exactly how I can support you.

I support women holistically- health and fitness is so much more than just exercise. We will discuss exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and anything else that may be affecting your health and fitness.

I offer nutrition support alongside PT sessions. It is available to all clients, though if you feel that you do not need support with your nutrition that is absolutely fine- the service is there if you need it.

We’ll talk about nutition, and make a plan.

The benefits of exercise are amazing for both the body and the mind. I appreciate that some women just want to enjoy personal training and feel comfortable managing their nutrition and other health needs themselves.

The nutrition service that I offer is for women who want more support to reach their goals- alongside the regular PT sessions, I offer nutrition coaching support outside of PT time.

Long term weight loss is so much more complex than ‘eat less and move more’ in most cases and often why people end up yo-yo dieting and not seeing long term results. If you are struggling with your nutrition- dieting without seeing results, have lost weight but then put it back on or are just struggling to stick to a diet and end up bingeing and then restricting- I can help you.

Good nutrition is so much more than just fat loss; improved sleep, more energy, reduced bloating, clearer skin, increased bone density, lowered risk of cancers and heart disease, boosts immunity… the list is endless!

We will look at your eating behaviours in the past and present and find a strategy that helps you to meet your goals. This is absolutely NOT a quick fix, fad diet. There are no super low-calorie targets set, pills to take or shakes. You will not lose shed loads of weight in a very short amount of time. I advocate a sustainable, sensible approach that will see you change your habits and eating for long term change. And I will be there to support you through the highs and lows.

I’ll support you to stay on track

Alongside your regular PT sessions we will also have 2x monthly video calls for nutrition coaching and I am available on WhatsApp for any additional support required.

You will receive an individual nutrition advice, tailored for your needs which will be adjusted as and when necessary. This is not a meal plan- though I will educate you to organise your own meal plans. There will be lots of support and information to help with how to structure your lifestyle around your goals so that it works for you.

Let’s get started!

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